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We Believe In the Power of Storytelling

We are the new creative digital company, where REAL PEOPLE, CREATIVITY and AUTHENTIC stories are at the centre of everything we do. We focus on digital purpose-driven storytelling with a variety of skilled and credible storytellers, talented and impactful narrators, from influencers to employees and consumers.

Together we give brands a true face, and a voice that gets their message heard, understood and absorbed by the relevant audiences and communities. We connect brands and consumers, bringing brands into people’s inner circle. That is why we are the NEW and effective, future-oriented form of branding and communication that breaks with the old ways focuses on realness rather than fiction, yet always with a healthy dose of captivating creativity.


In 2016 we started as an IT-Start Up into the influencer marketing world. We embarked on a journey to professionalize the influencer marketing sector in Switzerland. Since then, we have become the leading Swiss influencer marketing agency, working with top brands across all sectors. But we didn’t stop there. Kingfluencers has evolved even more, becoming a full-service digital storytelling agency with expertise in social media, influencer marketing, and performance marketing.

Our Values

At Kingfluencers we carry our values at heart in everything we do. They are more than words, they are a promise, a commitment, a mindset. We consider ourself a collective, a family of like minded people, connected by these values and we love taking our clients and creators on the journey to explore what they really mean.

There’s a (digital) world full of possibilities out there. Thats why we always seek to explore together with brands and creators in order to innovate, improve and grow together. Our discovery and can-do mentality always shines bright.
We put people and communities at the centre of everything we do, with the goal of inspiring through creativity rather than selling. And by doing so we always achieve more.
The digital realm is ever-evolving and changing fast. By looking ahead and anticipating whats next we keep leading the market and help our clients remain leaders in their market by turning them future-proof.
We are intensely teamwork and partnership-focused and constantly work hard to assure that our employees as well as every stakeholder within our sector’s eco-system is given opportunities to grow and shine.
In 2020 we launched the Conscious Influence Hub as one of the ways in which we promote responsible and conscious behaviours and decision making as a way to turn social media into a driving force for good.
We are a diverse team and celebrate and promote diversity in every way we can out of a solemn belief that diversity is an essential key to a richer community and society.

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