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Become an Influencer and get the Best Brand Deals

Become an influencer and gain access to the best brand deals by joining our network at Kingfluencers.

How our influencer platform works: When you’re an influencer in our private platform, you get matched with specific businesses: Those who resonate with your style or type of content and would love to have you promote their brand.

Work with professional brands. The brands in our network are established and working with sizable marketing budgets. This means you’ll get paid on time, get paid well, and doing the brand deal will be a smooth process from start to finish.

How you’ll make money: You might get offered a flat payment per post, and possibly a percentage of revenue generated on top. Starting out, this might be CHF 100 to CHF 200 per post. Or, it’ll be a pure profit-share deal, where you only get paid for the sales you get them. This can still be well worth it if your content is popular and you’re promoting a higher-priced product.   

Ready to become an influencer with us? If you have more than 2500 followers, apply to join our Kingfluencers influencer network now:

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