The Top 10 Instagram Agencies in Switzerland (2023)

Finding the best TikTok agency that’s based in Switzerland can be a challenge. 

So we’ve gone out and researched for you which Tik Tok agencies there are in Switzerland – and summarized them in the following directory of the top 10 Swiss agencies for Instagram content and advertising, sorted by city.

Of course, we’re also recommending our own Instagram agency, Kingfluencers!

The directory is not complete, you’re welcome to tell us about other agencies that belong on this list and we’ll be happy to add them.

The Top 10 Instagram Agencies in Switzerland

The 10 Best Instagram Agencies in Switzerland

Zurich, Basel and Bern are the three big Swiss cities offering Instagram agencies. While the amount of agencies you can choose from is overwhelming, the world of social media marketing is growing fast and new players are popping up all the time. 

So let’s dive into the 10 best Instagram and Instagram agencies Switzerland has to offer:

Instagram Agencies in Zurich


Kingfluencers is Switzerland’s pioneer of influencer marketing since 2016. Our team provides you with a full service including every aspect of influencer marketing on Instagram. Our agency follows highly efficient  and rock-solid processes with proprietary and AI powered in-house technology in order to generate the best outcomes on Instagram for your brand from day one of our collaboration. From strategy to implementation and ongoing community management to reporting and optimization, we bring your message to life and generate more brand love. With our network of more than 3,000 creators and our multiskilled diverse team of experts, strategists and creative minds, we deliver exactly the services and support that you need, when and where you need it, so your brand presence will hit the mark. Creativity and quality are our drivers, going the extra mile to perform is our constant state of mind… because we love doing what we do!

To get the real full-service omnichannel approach, our influencer marketing content can be recycled and broadcast as a TV commercial thanks to our new service “Influencer TV Spot”. With our partnership with Admeira, all brands get the opportunity to benefit from the power of TV with the unmatched appeal of influencer marketing at an accessible cost for more reach.

Kingfluencers is based at Hohlstrasse 188, 8004 Zurich, Switzerland.


As a Swiss Instagram agency, ramble designs tailor-made content strategies for your company, plans and produces all content for your social channels – if you wish, they can also take over the entire community management. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. The Facebook subsidiary has seen enormous growth, especially in recent years. The perfect channel to position your advertising message in a young and dynamic environment.

ramble’s Instagram agency is based at Räffelstrasse 26, 8045 Zurich, Switzerland.


Suchhelden has the resources and know-how to fill your Instagram account with high quality posts and increase your reach. As an Instagram agency, they focus on stimulating the growth of your Instagram account. While you can continue to focus on doing what you do best. Suchhelden takes care of posts in the form of photography and videography that fit your company. In their role as one of the known Instagram marketing agencies from Switzerland, they’ll help to make your message understandable and suitable for Instagram. 

Suchhelden’s agency is based at Hagenholzstrasse 83b, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland.

Instagram Agencies in Basel, Switzerland


An appearance on Instagram is not aimed at generating likes – at least it shouldn’t. Swiss-based agency Mindstudios works with you to develop a strategy that is fully aligned with the goals of your company. While private Instagram use is often characterized by spontaneity, they recommend comprehensive editorial planning for professional use, which guarantees the necessary consistency of content publishing. They’ll support you in this or take over the task completely in consultation with you. Mindstudios agency’s Instagram experts create all kinds of content, always tailored to your target groups and your goals.

Mindstudios is based at St. Alban-Tal 43, 4052 Basel, Switzerland.


The Instagram agency onlineKarma implements campaigns for companies from large to small, supports channels from A-Z and provides support for the complete Instagram marketing.

Achieve your goals with profitable Instagram campaigns and effective influencer marketing. From strategy, planning and implementation, they look after brands and provide support for complete Instagram marketing. onlineKarma is one of the leading Instagram agencies in Switzerland. They would be happy to support you professionally for effective and successful campaigns.

OnlineKarma’s agency is based at Hebelstrasse 52, 4056 Basel, Switzerland.


Sidekicks’ agency helps you to determine the target group and to record the targeting. They set up your TikTok campaign and constantly optimize it for optimal performance. They also report on the results of the campaigns in monthly reports, based on your needs. For the Swiss agency, it is important that results and figures are understandable and that every customer has a contact person for all concerns regarding their TikTok campaign. Sidekicks help to define the goals and target groups. A campaign can only be successful if there is clarity about this.

Sidekicks TikTok agency is based at Steinentorstrasse 19, 4051 Basel, Switzerland.

Instagram Agencies in Bern

Social Media Agentur Bern

Social Media Agentur Bern takes over your complete Instagram appearance with unusual ideas. 

Social Media Agentur Bern takes care of everything from planning to implementation to posting and maintaining the account. So you don’t have to worry about anything. With a professional social media appearance, your company will be seen as modern and innovative.

The Swiss Instagram agency helps you build up organic reach through professional content and thereby generates new customers.

Social Media Agentur Bern is based at Unterdorfstrasse 5, 3072 Ostermundigen, Switzerland.


As part of an Instagram campaign, Creasquare’s agency quickly gets you new contacts with potential for conversion. With Instagram, they’ll target your target group very precisely and address them personally. Creasquare agency differentiate into two areas, your Owned Media and Paid Media. With organic owned media you can serve particularly well existing contacts and customers and remain present sustainably. With paid advertising, on the other hand, you gain reach, traffic or interesting contacts.

Creasquare is based at Morillonstrasse 11, 3007 Bern, Switzerland.


Instagram Ads enables you to reach a specific target group and to interact specifically with the largest user group, between 18-34. Swiss Instagram agency Iqual would be happy to advise you and help you achieve your goals with Instagram advertising. In order to ensure the sustainable operation of the Instagram advertising account set up by them via Facebook, clean and targeted support and optimization is mandatory. Iqual can also take over and maintain accounts that they have not set up themselves. However, they know from experience that one revision or even new addition is in many cases worth it.

Iqual’s Instagram Ads agency is based at Morgenstrasse 131B, 3018 Bern, Switzerland.

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