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From food to travel, beauty, fashion, finance, gardening, home decor or more, we have guided brands through the creation of various success stories.


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Influencer Marketing Works

Influencer marketing keeps evolving fast. Whereas in the past, influencer marketing used to be seen as separate from other marketing disciplines, this siloed approach is fastly disappearing. Not only has influencer marketing become a core component of any smart brand’s core marketing mix, but influencer content is also used and repurposed in a much more versatile and omnichannel approach, generating ever more value. Here’s why it works:

Influencers are seen as trustworthy opinion leader and their content as authentic, unlike traditional advertising. People relate to influencers, providing relevance and credibility through their recommendations.
Influencers are able to reach broad or niche communities in ways no other medium is able to, their connection to those communities makes sure their voice resonates and your message gets heard.
Measurability & Predictability
Thanks to advances in digital technology it has become easier than ever to measure the performance and outcomes of your influencer marketing campaigns. Our AI-fueled Kingfluencers platform furthermore provides accurate performance forecasts even before your campaign ever goes live.
Rich Content
Influencer content gives your message gets extra layers, not just in terms of the captivating and inspiring content they create for your brand, but also because of the values and mindset the influencers embody and represent and the diversity they bring. Influencer storytelling goes beyond content.
Influencer marketing is a powerful addition to your marketing mix and even boosts the effectiveness of other marketing areas in multiple ways. By adding influencer marketing to your toolkit you add a layer of authenticity, reach and storytelling that makes people connect more to your brand.
Ultimately every marketing investment is aimed at helping you reach your brand’s objectives. Influencer marketing possesses the word of mouth effect as influencers are seen as ‘one of us’. The positive impact they generate on brand image, customer intentions and decisions generates best-in-class ROI.
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