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Holistic Social Influence


Activate Communities and Unleash Your Brand’s Potential With Social Influence Marketing

Social influence marketing is a powerful tool for brands to achieve a range of key objectives, and fuel your brand’s immediate growth and long term success.

We bring the full power of social media, real people, trust and creative storytelling to your brands, helping you rise above the noise and forge meaningful connections with your communities.

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Holistic Social Influence –
Areas of Expertise & Services

Our unique holistic approach combines social media services, influencer marketing and performance marketing, meticulously stitched together by inspiring creators, exceptional ideas and engaging, authentic content across digital platforms and channels.

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Influencer Marketing Service
Since 2016 we have been professionalizing and pioneering the Swiss influencer marketing sector and we remain the leading Swiss influencer marketing agency.
Influencer Marketing Agency
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B2B Influencer Marketing Service
B2B influencers can contribute their expertise to help drive brand awareness and support business development by building trust, credibility, and interest around your brand.
B2B Influencer Marketing
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Influencer TV Spot Service
Our Influencer TV Spot service is an exclusive collaboration between Admeira and Kingfluencers that gives all brands the opportunity to broadcast their influencer marketing content as a TV commercial to gain unbeatable reach with exceptional ROI.
Influencer TV Spot
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Social Media Management Services
At the core of everything we do lies a deep understanding and smart use of leading social media platforms, connecting you to your target audiences.
User generated Content
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TikTok Service
Developing and implementing a successful TikTok strategy will generate multiple tangible benefits, today and in the future. Even if Gen Z and young millennials are not your current customers, they are certainly your customers of tomorrow. TikTok allows you to get a head start in the constant race for market leadership.
TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency

Let’s Create Your Success Formula, Together

The formula for success is different for each brand and depends on various factors, including who your target audiences are and what they are looking for. Our commitment to all of our clients is to find your unique success formula, making your brand stand out from the crowd. What is your ideal mix?

We’re All In, No Bluff! Discover Our Turnkey Solutions

We are thinkers, creators and doers. Whether you are looking for a winning strategy, outstanding creativity or flawless campaign execution, our hassle-free, full-service approach makes your day-to-day business and achieving your marketing goals easier.

Our specialists construct effective brand, social media and social influence strategies tailored to all aspects of your business and your objectives.
Our creative team provides inspiring storytelling, creative concepts and fresh campaign ideas that will captivate attention and get your brand noticed.
Thanks to detailed step by step planning, you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.
Together with our network of top content creators our content marketing experts create powerful cross-platform content that gets your message across.
Skilled dedicated campaign managers steer your campaigns and projects in the right direction, turning ideas and strategies into real results.
Our performance driven approach gets you where you want to be by staying on top of metrics and acting fast when needed.

Social Media Is Our Home

Together with our 3,000+ influencers and top content creators we navigate the entire social media and digital eco-system like no other. Our specialists help you navigate every platform and turn them into true assets for your brand by activating and engaging your audiences and communities.

Your Industry, Our Expertise

We work for brands of all sectors, combining sector-specific experience and expertise with a customized approach for every client and context. Every industry and company is different. We seize those differences, transforming them into brand opportunities through the power of great storytelling and creativity. From B2C to B2B, FMCG to automobile, Fashion to Pharma, and (almost) everything in between. Our content creators and storytellers help your brand stand out and reap the rewards of it.

Great Brands,
Even Greater Stories

Discover some of our many success stories and start building your own.

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Discover Our TikTok Services

Developing and implementing a successful TikTok strategy will generate multiple tangible benefits, today and in the future. Forward looking brands have understood the value of building a strong TikTok presence. But this success does not come by itself and requires focus, effort and a healthy dose of creativity. Our TikTok expert team is here to help you get ahead and win the race!

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