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B2B Influencer Marketing

Harness the Power of Influencer Marketing in B2B

As the leading full-service influencer marketing agency in Switzerland, Kingfluencers has established the tools, processes, and resources to do B2B IM efficiently. 

An average B2B buyer performs more than half their research online and often consults specialists because of more complex sales processes. B2B influencers contribute their expertise to help drive brand awareness and support business development by building trust, credibility, and interest around your brand.

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Kingfluencers Delivers a Hassle-Free, Full-Service Approach

Our well-structured process delivers B2B Influencer Marketing in a synchronized way, from strategy through execution and optimization. Develop your social influence and achieve a wide set of objectives in a new effective and efficient way.

Why You Need to Captivate Diverse Audiences Now.
Amplify Messages with Credible Advocates to Enhance Reach

Let knowledgeable people speak for your brand in an authentic and credible way, boosting awareness and visibility through the right mix of channels and formats to enhance program reach and message absorption in order to generate tangible returns.

Build Success Stories and Improve Your Reputation as an Employer

Rise above your competitors to be seen as a preferred supplier and a leader in your field. Become more appealing to target audiences to generate leads and revenue. In addition, Kingfluencers’ services can improve your brand’s recognition in the crucial area of employer branding.

Drive Real, Authentic Exchanges to Build Community Loyalty

Our approach drives authentic exchanges with your target audience, impacting the audience’s knowledge and perception of your brand to generate real change and long-term benefits such as growing community loyalty and brand equity.

Target Many Possible Objectives such as Growing Sales and Profability

From finding and maintaining best employees, growing loyalty inside out, to selling more and everything in between… B2B Influencer Marketing can achieve your brand goals.

The Power of B2B Digital Influence

of B2B marketers who’ve tried influencer marketing feel it’s highly effective.
of Swiss B2B marketers say Influencer Marketing is high on the agenda for coming years.
B2B customers now regularly use ten or more channels to interact with suppliers (up from just five in 2016)

Influencers in the B2B sector are even more trustworthy for the community than in the B2C sector.

Due to the nature of B2B sales being often more complex, important, expensive, and in need of specialty-driven solutions, B2B influencers and expert voices are often much more impactful than in B2C influencer marketing.

Authority * Focus * Purpose = Impact

B2B influencers deliver authority, focus, and purpose. Multiplying these key attributes delivers real impact for your business.

The Kingfluencers B2B services help you make perfect influencer matches, selecting brand ambassadors that align with your brand’s message and values, as well as your campaign objectives. 

Your Reference in Advocacy and Influencer Marketing, also in B2B, Delivering High Value and ROI.

Although the core principles of influencer marketing are similar for B2C and B2B, there are some differences that warrant a distinct B2B approach. Having the right partner is even more crucial when credibility is the key for success.

Strong In-house B2B Community
By building on our expertise and efforts of expanding and enriching our creators network not only with B2C but various B2B ambassadors and brand voices everyday, makes us the partner to finding and onboarding your right influencers to get your brand message heard.
Exclusive Collaboration with Kcore
Using AI and social network structures to identify influencers from massive real-time online data let’s us go #BeyondInfluence by evolving and innovating everyday.
Customized to Meet Your Goals
To tackle your most important challenges, we customize your campaigns by providing you with creative strategy within omni-platform approaches to execution, reporting and optimization based on your brand goals. Campaigns are meticulously stitched together by inspiring creators, exceptional ideas and engaging, authentic content.
Quality and Performance-Driven Outcomes
We follow best-in-class quality control processes and rock-solid procedures to assure great outcomes that make a difference. Thanks to our proprietary campaign management platform with innovative AI forecasting, we provide you with insights on your brand’s potential.
Distinct Storytelling & Narrative Tracks
Working with various advocates, Kingfluencers can establish different storytelling tracks based on the exact workstreams, level of involvement of advocates, and target outcomes. Together we build storylines that allow your audiences to gain insight into your brand and feel part of your brand’s journey.
Use of Direct & Indirect Channels
Our B2B services leverage both direct (corporate channels) and indirect (via employees and others) networks on social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and beyond. Effectively scale your brand’s voice to start building digital influence.

Progressively Building Digital Influence

Kingfluencers’ services take a holistic approach to develop your brand voice and give that voice a positive impact, generating digital influence that goes beyond (B2B) influencer marketing.

Take It a Step Further

Amlipfy and strengthen your brand (message) with even more impact and outcomes by increasing the scope and making (B2B) influencer marketing part of the bigger picture.

How we bring your digital brand equity to a new level:

Identify Brand Avocates
The stakes are high when selecting influencers. Trust Kingfluencers to identify your internal and external advocates who can effectively amplify your messages and boost credibility.

Include External Ambassadors
Customers and other third parties who have first-hand experience with your brand can credibly testify to reinforce your claims. Additionally, carefully selected external thought leaders can serve as content creators and influencers, helping boost reach.

Develop Various Internal Advocates
A variety of ambassadors can each add a specific angle and unique value, including internal advocates like employees in various departments and partners. Kingfluencers supports you by finding and onboarding the right people within your company.

Connecting the Dots
By creating engaging multi-format and omnichannel content with a strong storyline across all narrators, brand voices and advocates – external, internal plus everyone in between – we go #BeyondInfluence with you.

Our Digital Influence Programs
Digital Brand Influence Program building Digital Brand Equity is the next frontier for brand success and growth.