Today for a better tomorrow – #KFcares

Why #KFCares?

At a time when posting has felt so useless, we wanted to change something. And so, we came up with the idea of doing good with every post – together, for a better future. That’s why Kingfluencers has launched the #KFcares initiative. An initiative that aims to make a difference, and has been doing so since March 2022!

Now to the current situation, we have planned to help the people in need in Syria and Turkey with our #KFcares initiative. Not only have we dedicated the #KFcares initiative to the Austrian Red Cross (Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz), but we have also collected and already handed over donations in kind.

In this article, we would like to give you a little insight into our #KFcares initiative, show you how it works, how it is supposed to help, and how you can support it.

The founding story of the initiative

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began in February, every post has felt pointless and wrong. No matter what we posted or wanted to share, it didn’t feel right. We quickly realized that we would like to contribute to making the world a little better, not only, but especially in such hard times.

In March 2022, we launched our own project: the #KFcares initiative. From now on, each of our posts has added value and meaning – for a better tomorrow! Besides founding and launching the initiative, we also published a blog article on responsible posting about war and in times of crisis.

How does #KFcares work?

Since March 2022 we have been donating CHF 1 to non-profit organizations for every post, including all influencer campaign posts with the hashtag #KFcares. It doesn’t matter if it’s a story, a picture, a TikTok, or a LinkedIn post. Every month, we choose an organization that is close to our hearts – often related to current topics.

As of January 12, 2023, we have already donated CHF 2,521.

It fills me with joy to be able to accompany so many great people on their journey. I’m also very proud of our #KFcares initiative, which gives new meaning to our work and allows us to support important organizations every month.

Anja Lapčević, Co-CEO & Chief Influence Officer

Our organizations

The first #KFcares organization, that we chose to support, was the Ukrainian organization Voices of Children in March 2022. Since 2015, it has been helping children to deal with the trauma of war, providing psychological emergency aid, and helping with the evacuation process. Children should never lose their voice, but use it for a future and a better world.

KFcares initiative for a better tomorrow. Our organizations.
#KFCares February, 2023 – Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz

In April 2022, #KFcares chose Essen für Alle (=Food for all) as its donation recipient. A charity in Zurich that provides basic food and resources to people in need.

For May 2022, our donation went to Unicef. Unicef advocates for the rights of children and young people in more than 190 countries, helping them to survive and reach their full potential.

In June 2022 we supported Pro Juventute and in August 2022 we donated to Caritas International. For October 2022, we have decided to donate to Syria and the organization Glückskette. We had the pleasure of attending the opening night of the Zurich Film Festival, where we watched the movie “The Swimmers” together with our creators – a story based on true events in which two sisters flee from the war in Syria to Germany. Swiss Solidarity focuses primarily on the survival of affected people on the site. With partner organizations, they treat the sick and injured and provide people with the food they need. 

One of our donations we are very proud of is the Center for Human Rights organization, to which we donated in November 2022. The heartbreaking images and videos that reached us daily moved us to help the people of Iran. Since mid-September 2022, thousands of people have been demonstrating against the political leadership in Iran, which has made it mandatory for women and girls to wear a headscarf from the age of seven. People are taking to the streets, risking their lives, and fighting for women’s and human rights.

At the end of the year 2022, we made a donation to the children’s charity Petite Suisse. An organization that fights for the rights of all children for health, survival, and education, as well as protection, violence, and exploitation since 2007. With Christmas coming up, Petite Suisse has decided to make Christmas gifts from donations and give the children Christmas joy. We started the year 2023 with a fundraising campaign for the organization SOS Kinderdörfer for Education. With January 24th being the official World Education Day, we would like to contribute to the support of education.

A heart initiative that makes us proud

We at Kingfluencers are very proud to have started an initiative that gives a whole new meaning to our work. Having the feeling of doing something good through posts and motivating people to donate as well fills us with joy and pride:

“I think it’s so great that each of our posts can provide added value to people in need of help. One of the posts where I have the most fun preparing it for social media and sharing it with our community,” says Sandra Miletić, Junior Marketing Manager.

This is how you can support Kingfluencers’ Initiative

We want to encourage all helpful people and brands to also do something for a better future and a better tomorrow. That’s why we’re calling for you to join our #KFcares initiative for. #KFcares for the month of February goes to the people in need in Turkey and Syria, together with the Austrian Red Cross. 

To do so, simply use the hashtag #KFcares on social media and tag @kingfluencers, because: each hashtag equals 1 CHF. 

Kingfluencers also calls on companies to launch their own initiatives with their own hashtag, for example. Together we can achieve so much more and ensure a better future!

Author: Tijana Simic, Marketing Support @Kingfluencers