Kingfluencers goes OMR

At the beginning of May, we experienced two intense but super exciting and above all inspiring days full of infotainment at #OMR23 in Hamburg. 

70k visitors, 4 expo halls with 500+ exhibitors (including Kingfluencers), 7 stages with 800+ speakers, 240 masterclasses, 100 guided tours, and afterparties…

In case you missed our exclusive newsletter or didn’t follow us along on LinkedIn and Instagram, here’s a short recap with our highlights and learnings:

At our Kingfluencers Booth on-site, we were able to have exciting conversations with our customers as well as new brands, creators, and visitors and test their knowledge with our KF Quiz.

In addition, we met many German creators at the Influencer Brunch at WeCreate, met TikTok to further expand our joint partnership and stay ahead of the trends, had many insightful conversations with other exhibitors, tasted our way through the food mile, and celebrated together with brands, creators, and speakers at the afterparties.

Our Key Takeaways


Britta Behrens: «Break with the algorithm, sometimes step out of line but stick to it, use it constantly and regularly.»

Great that we just launched our B2B Influencer Marketing Service, where we also offer Corporate Ambassador and Employer Branding programs for B2B clients. B2B influencers can contribute their expertise to help drive brand awareness and support business development by building trust, credibility, and interest around your brand.

2. GOODBYE CREATOR CLICHÉS: The real influencer marketing

Carmushka: «You are not just born as an influencer. Only with hard work you can build such a large, committed community and make a difference.»

As an influencer, you also carry a great responsibility, because you are a role model for many people and become the face of a brand. Let us help you find out which influencers fit your brand and your values. 

As the link between creators and brand, we feel obligated to advocate for more awareness in social media. That’s why we’re especially proud of our partnership with the Conscious Influence Hub. «We have developed a Code of Conduct for influencers which supports them in acting with respect, empathy and transparency. The Code of Conduct will be a key instrument in encouraging all community members to use their influence consciously.»


Frank Thelen: «It is not AI that will take jobs away from people, but those people who can use and operate AI properly will do so, very soon. Time to jump on the “AI hype” (which will obviously last), otherwise you will miss great opportunities.»

Ryan Broderick«AI will not be the end of social media. However, we must learn to distinguish AI-generated content from real content. Visual content that is fake, for example, reveals itself through the intensity of colours of the added person, the person is always placed in the middle of the picture and there is usually not much to see in the background of the picture.»

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Pamela Reif: «Strong communities are essential and target group-oriented communication is crucial.»

Carsten Maschmeyer: «Networking is a constant taking and, above all, giving, something you have to build up and maintain, whether with clients, partners or creators.»

Whether from a corporate or influencer perspective, it’s important that you engage with your community and offer them the content they want to see. We are happy to help you with your Community Management and are also available for tips & tricks in the form of a workshop.

Moreover, with our TikTok service, we can make anyone an expert, and aim to turn any brand into a TikTok rocket with the workshops we offer!


Serena Williams: «Go through life by always pushing your limits, never settling for less and always giving your personal best in everything you do!»

Scooter Braun: «It doesn’t matter what you do in life as long as you are passionate about it and happy at the end of the day.»

We also believe that you should follow your dreams and always believe in yourself because only then, you can achieve anything. Are you ready to go #BeyondInfluence with us? Reach out to us anytime.

Do you want more inspiring quotes and exciting talks? Then be sure to check out the recorded live streams on the OMR site.

And according to OMR’s founder, what’s hot?

«The big players for search, cloud, and hardware are still GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon), new players have very high market entry barriers. But there is a great fragmentation of the advertising space, everyone wants a piece of the pie, even those who were previously completely active elsewhere. In addition, sports streaming is booming at the moment and one should keep an eye on the climate tech industry; worldwide, 1/4 of venture capital flows into climate tech companies that address the impact of global warming.»

Philipp Westermeyer
founder OMR

OMR's founder. Kingfluencers OMR.

Even though more and more brands are fighting for the scarce resource of their customer’s attention, we help you to stage your perfect ad space with Influencer Marketing and top creators so that your brand stands out from the crowd, for B2C brands from various industries but most recently also for B2B brands.

#OMR23 was a blast!

Exciting talks, inspiring speakers, team building, and a lot of lasting impressions.
See you next year OMR!

Author: Ramona Kälin, Digital Marketing Coordinator @Kingfluencers