Swiss Influencer Award x Kingfluencers – a partnership since 2019

On November 17th, 2022, the Smile Swiss Influencer Award (SSIA) with over 1,000 VIP guests aka the biggest creator event in Switzerland took place for the third time in Zurich’s Kaufleuten. In addition to the musical performance by Kings Elliot and star DJ Cruz, the most successful and inspiring 10 influencers in Switzerland were honored – and Kingfluencers being part of the jury.

This year’s winners

The award show was celebrated with a following of over 50 million people in the sold-out Kaufleuten club. But who are this year’s lucky winners that will be following Mimoza, Aditotoro, Andri Ragettli, and others? The jury, consisting of Anja Lapčević (Co-CEO Kingfluencers), Farner, ElleSD, HWZ, and SSIA, evaluated the feeds by paying attention to creative, authentic, and diverse content. In addition, the reach, especially of the Swiss community, and the engagement rate of this year’s nominees also played a major role in the final evaluation.

And here they are, the winners of the Swiss Influencer Awards 2022:

The Newcomer Award, for which one could qualify by participating in various brand challenges, was won by Patrick Scherz. He convinced the jury with his innovative and entertaining content created for the Smile Insurance Challenge.

The Newcomer Award
Winners SSIA 2022

Kingfluencers as the new distribution partner

In order for brand partners to benefit from impeccable and solid advice in the field of influencer marketing in the future, Kingfluencers, which previously supported SSIA as a media and influencer relationship partner, will now also become the official sales partner. As the official distribution partner for #SSIA2023, we will offer exclusive partner packages. Brands from a wide variety of industries can benefit from a comprehensive presence on all channels with a unique combination of classic sponsoring elements and a new influencer marketing concept.

New challenges for 2023

After the Swiss Influencer Awards is before the Swiss Influencer Awards – the new challenges for the fourth edition of the #SSIA will start again on 1 January 2023. These newcomer challenges, where new talents are scouted with the help of micro-influencer campaigns by various brand partners, can last for several months until the nominated All-Stars and newcomer winners are presented at the end of October 2023.

Creators are not only creative people who offer brands perfect opportunities to get their messages across to their audiences in an authentic and impactful way. They provide their followers with daily information, inspiration, entertainment, and much more, which is why influencers have the ability to build bridges between people, brands, organizations, and their communities. “We are therefore very excited to have the opportunity at SSIA to further recognize these talented people as sales partners and acknowledge all the hard work they put into their art”, says Yoeri Callebaut, Co-CEO of Kingfluencers.

Eager to learn more? Check out some more info on the side or reach out to us anytime.

Swiss Influencer Awards

Great additions for #SSIA2023

Fabian Plüss, founder and initiator of the event is particularly satisfied: “The Smile Swiss Influencer Award was a successful evening with many unforgettable and Hollywood-vibe social media moments. It was absolutely great how many content creators were involved live on-site as well as online.” He goes on to promise “really great additions” for the next edition, so stay tuned!

Would you, as a brand, like to learn more about the #SSIA2023 partner packages? Reach out to our Consulting Team to get to know your opportunities. Would you like to get some insights into this year’s Smile Swiss Influencer Award Show first? Click here for the official after movie.

Author: Ramona Kälin, Marketing Support @Kingfluencers