The Top 50+ Social Media Agencies in Europe in 2024

Social media marketing is a great way to grow your business by targeting the right people. But it’s not always easy for an average person to do so. Here’s where social media agencies such as Kingfluencers come into play. These agencies are equipped with the right tools to market your brand effectively. This article covers the 50 best social media agencies across Europe.

Table of Contents

  • Social media agencies in Switzerland
  • Social media agencies in Germany
  • Social media agencies in Austria
  • Social media agencies in France
  • Social media agencies in Spain
  • Social media agencies in Italy
  • Social media agencies in Poland

Directory of Social Media Agencies in Europe

Are you looking to improve your brand image through good marketing? Is it important that your social media agency is local so they understand your audience, and you can have in-person meetings? 

Everyone has different sets of requirements. Some are willing to spend a great amount on a media team whereas others would like to hire local freelancers for a cheaper alternative. You should ask yourself these questions and if you’re interested to know more about social media agencies in central Europe, here are the 50 best ones you can find!

How to choose the best social media agency

Social Media Agencies. Meeting in Agentur

Choosing the right social media agency can be a life-changing choice for your brand. That’s why  we’ve curated a checklist for you to look through when making such a decision.

  1. Experience: You want someone who has an impressive client portfolio, success stories, and a few years of experience in the marketing industry.
  2. Strategic resources: How specialized is the agency in your specific niche? Do you think that the strategies they offer are properly customized first?
  3. Tools: An agency should be equipped with the latest tools such as good analytics, planning and scheduling tools, as well as design tools. 
  4. Communication: It’s key to ensure clear and effective communication regarding prices, plans, and expectations.
  5. Agency culture: People are crucial. You should be able to get along and be understood by them.
  6. Tracking and reporting: Agencies should constantly track statistical data and create reports to monitor progress.

Social Media Agencies in Switzerland

If you’re looking for a good social media agency in Switzerland, you’ll find many based in Zurich. We from Kingfluencers are one of the popular names with a big portfolio, also based in Zurich. Here are the top 9 social media agencies based in Switzerland.

Social Media Agencies. Zürich Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland


We are the new creative digital company, where real people, creativity, and authentic stories are at the center of everything we do. Having been in business since 2016, we have worked with top brands across all sectors. We are a full-service digital storytelling agency with expertise in social media, influencer marketing, and performance marketing. Several exciting services are coming soon, so stay tuned!

R17 Ventures AG

R17 are “a performance marketing agency for entrepreneurs.” They specialize in paid advertising, creating images and videos in their own studio, and creating e-com applications. They are based in Herbrugg, Switzerland.


Webstages focuses in particular on the topics of influencer and social media marketing and supports brands here with selective campaigns, as well as with the overall appearance and the entire coordination of marketing activities. 

Hutter Consult

Hutter Consult are an established Swiss social media marketing agency. Offering a multitude of services across many platforms, they are liked for their professional work. They’ve worked with WEF, AXA, and Zeiss, among others.

Buzz Factory

Buzz Factory offer social media marketing, PPC advertising, and branding services. They are based in Vevey, Switzerland. Their portfolio boasts work for the World Health Organization and several small-to-mid-sized Swiss and international brands. 

3z digital

Specializing in paid digital advertising, 3z digital operates from St. Gallen, Switzerland.

3z digital GmbH is a digital agency founded in St. Gallen, Switzerland in 2018 with about 10 professionals. They specialize in social media marketing and digital strategy services for small and mid-market businesses alike.

Highway 61

Operating out of Zurich, Highway 61 call themselves, “a top-rated world-class marketing and design agency.” They offer branding strategy, visual identity, design, social media strategy and management, digital marketing, and advertising. In the past, they have worked with clients such as Bono Pizza and Eat To Live.


The digital marketing agency xeit GmbH describes itself as a full-service online agency and advises on everything from consulting and creation to the implementation of digital marketing activities. 


Founded by Yaël Meier and Jo Dietrich, the consulting and marketing agency specializes in generation z as a target group. Based in Vitznau, they offer TikTok Marketing alongside their gen z consulting service and help companies enter the Metaverse.

Social Media Agencies in Germany

German social media agencies are generally more pocket-friendly than Swiss companies but that doesn’t necessarily mean a compromise on quality. Some of the German agencies listed below have years of experience, impressive clientele, and get the job done professionally. 

Social Media Agencies. München Deutschland
Munich, Germany


Monsoon call themselves, “a natural force like a monsoon” for your digital marketing needs. Based in Berlin, they have worked with German start-ups such as Mieter Engel and EinguterPlan.

Admiral Media

Admiral Media offer a wide range of social media services. Their case studies include the companies TIER and kaufDA. Admiral Media are a German company working out of Spain.


MartonMedia from Berlin specialize in Facebook and Instagram Ads and working with Shopify store sellers. They have worked with Nextdoor and Everjump.


MediaBoostr are a German digital performance marketing agency, but based out of Cyprus. They work mainly with fashion and luxury brands on paid social media advertising campaigns. MediaBoostr have worked with the brand tigha in the past.

KlickPiloten GmbH

KlickPiloten are an online marketing agency from Germany. They have worked with over 50 clients including Eberspächer, TÜV Süd, and Märklin. KlickPiloten are based out of Stuttgart, Germany.


Hexiimmedia are a website and marketing agency out of Munich. They also offer social media services. 


An agency out of Düsseldorf, Digitalyze do branding, campaigns, and online marketing. Past projects include Woodpecker’s Roadhouse and USTA Soundsystem.


Elespacio are based in both Berlin and Barcelona (hence the Spanish name). They are an agency who combine marketing and creative strategies to make a complete social media marketing approach. Past clients include Concord and Zalando.

Ministry Group GmbH

Ministry Group offer social media consultations to create better strategies. Based in Hamburg, they have worked with prestigious clients such as Hapag-Lloyd and Gillette.


Founded by Ayla Hourani in Hamburg, Aylab is a “rebelliously creative design agency” who also offer social media management, media creation, and community building. They have worked with big brands like Nivea, as well as many smaller local brands.

ifenius media

ifenius media are digital marketing experts based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Their portfolio includes work for TÜV Rheinland and Zoo Duisburg.

Adrenalinsky Werbeagentur GmbH

Adrenalinsky are a younger social media marketing agency who are working out of Cologne and Berlin. They have worked with many local brands and government initiatives.


Based in Berlin, TechStrive offer social media management among other services, and boast 15 years of experience in the sector. Past clients include mentora gymnasium and Freibeutler.

Social Media Agencies in Austria

For those who want a social media agency in Austria, we’ve listed several below. These agencies have had good feedback and impressive portfolios.

Wien Österreich
Vienna, Austria

Limesoda Interactive Marketing

Limesoda are a social media agency with more than 50 employees in Wien, St. Pöten, and Linz. They offer social media marketing services and have worked with well-known clients such as Red Bull and Hofer.

AN Digital

AN Digital are a social media agency from Bregenz, Austria. They have worked with Schiess & Schiess and BBS AG, among others. Their social media services include analysis and research, setting up accounts, content creation, and marketing campaigns.


WICKIE. is an agency from Vorarlberg, Austria, who also offer social media services, for example building a social media strategy, creating relevant content, and interacting with the target audience, as well as regular reporting. Past clients include HEFEL Textil GmbH and Musikverein Gaissau.

The Ventury

The Ventury out of Vienna, Austria are helping small and big businesses with growth marketing strategies. They were founded in 2016 and have 46 employees. They have worked with Alfies and DasUmzugsTeam.


Loop are doing social media and performance marketing. They are an international agency with an office in Berlin. They frequently work with high-value brands such as Puma and Breitling.

Bacon & Bold

Bacon & Bold’s specialty are marketing strategies centered around social media. They have offices in Linz as well as Vienna, Austria. Bacon & Bold were founded in 2016.

PR International

PR International are a PR agency from Vienna, Austria who also offer digital PR on social media. They have been in business since 1985 and are one of the most well-known agencies in Austria. Their clients include high-end brands like Louis Vuitton and Breitling.

Press n relations

Press’n’relations are a PR company who can also act as your social media manager. They operate out of Vienna, Austria.


Slopelift is a full service agency with an office in Vienna, Austria. They offer social media management and social media advertising for brands such as Porsche, Renault, and Miele.

Promo Masters

Promo Masters is active in Salzburg and Vienna, and has been in business since 1999. Their 18-employee team does social media optimization, among other services. They have worked with many clients in industries ranging from tourism to medicine, law, finance, and web developement.


SESO media group are a social media marketing agency in Vienna, Austria who have worked with prestigious clients such as Volkswagen and A1 Telekom.

Social Media Agencies in France

Social media marketers are also available in France. We’ve listed some of the well-known ones below.

Paris France
Paris, France

Aji Creative

Aji Creative are a French agency who do web and mobile development. They create digital strategies, plan and design user interfaces, and more. They have worked with big corporations such as Disney in the past.


Rosbeef are a social media and design agency located in Paris, France. They are branding and design specialists and have worked with many big clients such as Adidas and Heineken.

Else & Bang

Founded in 2018, Else & Bang has won several awards. The agency is based in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. Their approach is to identify brand strategy, carry out social media campaigns, and make use of influencers and ambassadors. Previous clients include Verizon and Allianz.


“Storyzee combines marketing consulting and multimedia production to support your brand’s storytelling on the web and social networks.” In the past, they have worked with ValueQuest and Exodon. Storyzee are based in Paris, France.

Social Media Agencies in Spain

One of the best social media agencies in Spain is Appetite Creative. Whilst there are many more options for Spanish social media agencies than listed here, we focus on the ones mentioned below.

Madrid Spain
Madrid, Spain

Appetite Creative

Appetite Creative are a multinational agency with an office in Madrid, Spain. Not only do they offer social media marketing, but also branding and video production services. Recently they have created campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger and Heinz Ketchup, among many other high profile clients.


GOSO is a dedicated social media marketing agency offering Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn services with 37 full-time staff members located in Barcelona, Spain.


Elespacio are based in Barcelona. They are an agency who combine marketing and creative strategies to make a complete social media marketing strategy. Past clients include Concord and Zalando.

Admiral Media

Admiral Media, “founded in Spain, performing worldwide” offers social media services and have worked with the companies Tier and kaufDa.

Wild Wild Web

“We help you attract and conquer your customers through branding, web design and online advertising.” Wild Wild Web have worked with BBVA, Cartier, Santander, and Porsche. They are based out of Madrid, Spain.

Social Media Agencies in Italy

A few Italian social media marketing agencies are worth mentioning including Armando Testa, the largest Italian communication agency. 

Mailand Italy
Milan, Italy


Americanoize are an influencer marketing and social media agency with an office in Milan, Italy. Brands they’ve worked with are Diesel and Adidas, among other big names.


Based in Milan, Italy, Instasamy are an agency specializing in Instagram and TikTok marketing strategies.

Ekeria SRL 

Ekeria are offering SEO, SEM, social media, ADS, lead generation, content, website development, and ecommerce development. They’re working out of Milan, Italy, and have done social media campaigns for hotels and service companies.


Brandme are a personal branding agency. They are professionals in social media management and winners of the Top Italian Branding Agency Award on Brandme are based out of Rimini, Italy.

New Media Adv

Founded in 2001, New Media Adv is “a structured digital agency specialized in performance digital advertising that uses refined, effective and measurable tools.” New Media Adv are located in Milan, Italy.

Armando Testa

Based in both Torino and Milan, Italy, Armando Testa is the largest Italian communications group in the world. They’ve been around since 1946. While they are not specialized in social media marketing, they have done a campaign for “Cuki Cofresco,” an Italian food packaging and containers brand.

Social Media Agencies in Poland

Social media agencies in Poland are also gaining traction due to the recent increases in both influencers and brands in the country. If you’re looking for Poland based agencies, here is the list of some of the best social media marketing agencies based in Poland.

Warschau Polen
Warsaw, Poland

Virtual People

Virtual People is a marketing agency made up of specialists in different fields. They call themselves a “360 degree agency.” Services offered include social media marketing and advertising. They’ve worked with many clients, most prominently the multinational corporation Decathlon. Their office is in Szczecin, Poland.

Whites Agency

Whites Agency out of Warsaw, Poland were founded over a decade ago, and offer “a strategic approach to social media” with “deep analysis of every action and effect.” They list brand communication strategies, influencer marketing, and social media management as part of their services. They’ve worked with well-known brands such as Tefal, Henkel, and Krups.

Neon Shake

Neon Shake do digital marketing and branding. They build strategies and conduct comprehensive brand communication on social media based on consumer insights. “We create attractive content, cooperate with influencers, run contests, manage promotion budgets and report the results.” Based in Wroclaw, Poland, they’ve worked with clients such as Spotify, ASUS, and Western Union.


Tribe47 create social media campaigns for e-commerce, subscription, online education and B2B service businesses. Their office is located in Warsaw, Poland.


With the increasing impact of social media on brands and businesses, there are thousands of options when it comes to social media agencies. This guide mentioned 50+ of those based in Central Europe which hold appropriate portfolios and qualifications to do their jobs. We hope that you have found this directory helpful in your search for the perfect social media agency.

It is worth noting that every business has different needs that can be catered to differently across social media agencies. So, reach out to a professional for the best advice on how to maximize results within your budget.
If you consider hiring a Swiss-based social media agency, make sure to also check our website and learn about the social media marketing services that we offer.

Author: Megan Bozman, Owner @Boz Content Marketing